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Wedding by the Sea

Weddings are always exciting, and every wedding becomes a challenge to capture the best moments, the anxiety, and all the magic that fill up the environment when two souls join together as one to become a new family unit.

I love the responsibility to be a dream catcher, cause that´s what you become as a photographer when a wedding takes place. Bride and groom deposit all their trust in your lens and expect you to capture every spark that makes this moment unique and so special.

There is always a bucket list of pics you want to do, and a wedding by the sea was one of those till last Wednesday when I had the honor to cover Lauren and Regis' wedding.

The weather went perfect, a little windy and cloudy which helped to avoid shadows. People think that sunny days are better to do photography when the truth is gray and cloudy are.

I chose to work with a Polarizer filter to enhance the sky and sea colors as the natural and obvious backdrop as well as to walk, move and run around barefoot; There are certain privileges you are granted as a photographer.

A wedding by the sea is different, the sole frame of ocean and sky enlight spirits, allows attendants to loosen up and everything flows differently.

A wedding by the sea is something, and I know this was the first of many to come.


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