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The Ritual

It was a given Sunday at the beach, sunny afternoon at Pompano along with some friends, saving the world with our conspiracy chitchat, while a congregation chanting and clapping passed by.

It was a gathering mix of women and children in white clothes and suits for the occasion.

Two men in white linen headed to the ocean holding hands with a woman dressed in white as well. In a glimpse of an eye, she was laid back into the water and turned back again on her feet.

It was a Haitian summoning celebrating baptism right at the beach.

Two more ladies in white were inducted into this ritual, while a toothless woman by my side explained to me that "God is in the water" while pointing at the sea.

It was simple, nice and meaningful to see them all together singing and celebrating their ritual among everyone at the beach, sharing some of their beliefs and somehow making us part of it.

Every day you get to learn and witness something new and I´m grateful to that as long as I have my cell phone or camera with me to behold and capture the essence of such magnificent occasions.


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