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Chasing a Pic

Every city has special places that hide in front of everyone´s eyes. They are not really hidden, in fact, they glow all the time.

And when you realize that place is right in your face you have to think how to capture and make it yours as a photographer.

Since day one, when I spotted this special road with trees embracing each other on their tops and creating that incredible view with shadows all around and a wonderful depth of field, I started planning to one day capture its magic.

We all have wish lists, and in my case there are tons of pics I have in my bucket to accomplish someday. As I have always said, it´s about timing luck and more luck again.

The road has a little problem, not because of its length, which is quite impressive, but the lack of space to pull over.

Last week I was driving to do some architecture pictures for a house in order to place an ad by a realtor and had the chance to drive my way through the road that has been in my wish list for the last 3 months.

Right at the end of the road there was a spot where I pulled my car and took my chances, had a good walk camera in hand to try to shoot some pics. Since this road is double lane, cars come both sides all the way so it is not easy to catch a moment without any of them in frame.

Luck and a little patience finally allowed me to shoot only once, without any cars coming right in front but with a little frame of time to stand in the middle of the street with cars coming on my back, so it was a onetime chance to fulfill my craving to catch this pic.

Photography is a never ending road of possibilities and stories.


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