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The Acrobats

Doing nature photography is not an easy task, especially when you are expecting to capture “that moment” where animals just pose for you.

Animals are nervous, tense, always on the run, and they act and react like thieves: dodging every camera intention with sudden jumps, moves and finally vanishing while leaving you behind all set.

Just when you think you are ready to click, they get out of frame like this (snapping fingers).

I´m not going to say how patient I am as a photographer, or how I have mastered animal’s photography while combining shutter speed and exposure. I have to confess how lucky I am since moving to my new apartment.

It happens that right in front of where I live; a nice big tree stands and luckily, animals just stop and go in their daily shores.

I live in a third floor and green surrounds my view when I stand in the terrace or the so called “patio” here in US.

That given tree has provided me with incredible possibilities to catch some visitors that are unaware of my presence and by all means, end up posing while resting somehow. Got to confess that have missed some colorful birds while bringing the camera. Wise wife suggested I should leave camera right next to the terrace door and that has truly helped a lot.

These visitors end up posing more like acrobats than other thing, and that’s just what I have to be thankful here in Miami where diversity is around the corner, or in my case, right in front of my apartment.

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