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It´s well known that everything that happens on a daily basis becomes regular, ordinary, common, simple and in other words: landscape.

Clothes spread in the corner of your room, a glass that stays forever on the table, a lighter that remains silently on the couch, with every day that passes by, “that something” becomes part of the whole, little by little turns to be part of where it lays on and suddenly melts like if it was part of it all.

We are all used to see planes take off and land in every city, but there are special places where planes mix with traffic like they are about to land right over the highway while cars are passing by.

It happens everywhere and all the time, but when you realize it´s happening a few feet away while you are driving, it becomes something wonderful and kind of crazy.

To most locals it might just be landscape, but to some others like me, it´s magic, it´s crazy, it´s mind blowing to say the least.

Florida State Road 826 well known as Palmetto is one perfect spot to see these planes hover over cars and traffic like suspended animation. Interstate 95 is the other spot where planes just pass you by while driving.

Every time I have the chance to cross one of these planes about to land I just think of what to do next to capture them with my camera, and since I haven´t figured it out yet, just have to try some with my cell phone.

I still enjoy the fact of having these monsters hover right over my head in slow motion to evolve as a perfect landscape, the one that might has just become for the rest of the people around, tired of the same planes going on and on.

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