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Smiles: universal language

There are three universal languages that allow people to mingle, to feel comfortable, to be in a better mood, to feel alive and build empathy with others.

These three universal languages break through no matter idiomatic boundaries, no matter gender, no matter religion, no matter race, no matter nothing.

Love, Music and Smiles are the most powerful languages someone can master without any given education or prior experience.

Recently I had the chance to do some wedding photography and realized that these 3 languages allow everyone to get together and share along.

I barely understand French, and if French is mixed with English, Spanish and some other idiomatic variations Creole arises then to knock you down like an anvil or a hammer falling over your head.

Smiles became then the universal language that let me stood in front of the bride and groom and all their guests to spark some universal language that shined through as a contagious reaction.

No English, no French, no Creole, just smiles to become our own language at that moment that made it easier to flow during the whole session.

Every smile is a spark of joy, music and love within every one of us.

Give it a try, go out and smile randomly to people on the street, you´ll get back smiles as a joyful reward of universal language that we all understand.


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