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Big City Nights

Life is definitely an adventure and to honor so, I decided to leave my comfort zone, shake the cage, clean up my mess and move to a new city in a new country.

In my first week in Miami, had the chance to walk around Brickell and breathe in some of its architecture and spirit by walking along with my camera to capture a bit of its essence and try to adopt some of the magic that surrounds every city after dark.

Swallowed by the lights and forms of every corner heading up to the sky, Brickell became my first experience as an outsider learning to fit as a new insider as well as a tourist no tourist starting a new adventure.

While walking through the maze that streets become at night, Scorpions’ “Big City Nights” was running in my head, music is always inside of my head and bands and songs just come and go, depending on the mood and the feeling of the moment.

When the daylight is falling down into the night And the sharks try to cut a big piece out of life It feels alright to go out to catch an outrageous thrill But it's more like spinning wheels of fortune Which never stand still

Big city, big city nights You keep me burning Big city, big city nights

It was thrilling, fun, and walking around by night just felt right, great and sort of liberating. The fact to freeze frame with your camera a lil´bit of your new city becomes a nice experience to breathe in some of the magic that is waiting for everyone to realize that those structures come alive when you catch the right angle. They just rest and wait patiently to be photographed by locals and tourists, and since I´m not a tourist any more, I will make this my own city from now on and enjoy every minute of it.

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